Do you know the fact that there is a blogger near you? Yes, someone near your present location is blogging for sure. Well, if you’re a blogger then you’ll surely love connecting with other bloggers as it is an important thing to improve your game. In a survey conducted on 2013, researchers confirmed that there are around 153 million blogs on the planet right now.

Blogger near you?

You have a lot of advantages in connecting with your nearby bloggers, maybe you guys can

  • Work together to change the game.
  • Get instant support to problems.
  • Conduct a small meetup or an event
  • Do some good causes
  • Be in a business partnership
  • do much more,

When like-minded people’s meet, beautiful things do happen!

How to?

Well, blognear is here! Blognear is a bloggers community and location-based blog tracking platform. All you’ve to do is a single search, with your location

Step 1: Go to and enter your location, click search



Step 2: You can search using a specific term of browse through our categories.

How to get your blog listed?

Just register here, it takes barely 2-3 minutes to add your blog in blognear, and we have bloggers around the globe. We are continuously working on improving the amount of listing in our database to help you find more and more bloggers in your location. 100% free of cost and no hidden charges, this is a public community, and you can add your blog without giving anything. Let us know if you’re facing any kinda trouble doing the process. We are here to help you 24×7.

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