1. What is Blognear?

Blognear is a platform for bloggers to find and learn more about blogs and bloggers around them. You can easily add your blog in Blognear ,also you can easily search for blogs around you by inputting the location. Blognear is crafted for bloggers.

2. How can I add my blog?

You can easily add your blog within few minutes time by clicking the “Add my blog”, Just follow this link to the guide if you need more help. You can also contact us via help@blognear.com if you’re facing any trouble.

3. What will I get?

You get to connect with like-minded bloggers around you. Business bloggers are comparatively short in numbers, we are working hard to help you network with each other around your current location. It will surely help you do more with your business, blogging and much more.

4. How can I search the blogs?

You just have to utilise the search option which we have. You can type in the keyword, the location, select the category etc. We have enabled the geo-location to grab location more easily. We are also working on automatic location tracking and it will be available within a month time.


5. Can I give my personal data?

Totally upon you to decide, we have made the mobile number area and few other areas as optional so that you can have your privacy. Every approved listing will be public. Anyone can see your blog’s details.

6. I submitted the listing, but I couldn’t see it ?

We normally approve listing to protect the small eco-system we have, also we have few manual verification activities to approve a listing. Your listing will be approved within 24-48 hours time if it meets our standards.

7. Can I add my Blogspot blog?

If you’ve a blog, you’re 100% eligible to add your blog here. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve a blogger blog or a wordpress. Even you can add blogs without a custom domain eg “myblog.blogspot.com”. Afterall, every blogger starts their journey without a custom domain 🙂

8. How can I edit my listing?

You can easily edit your approved blog listing using this link my blogs. You can edit and modify the listing in the way you like without any technical knowledge.


9. How can I edit my profile data?

You can easily edit your data or even password by using this link to edit profile. It’s easy and self explanatory, just let us know if you feel a problem.

10. I still got a problem or a doubt, how can I resolve it?

Email us your problem to help@blognear.com or contact us through our facebook page Blognear.